Care home activity sessions

Would it be for you?

On a fairly regular basis I have been providing activity sessions in care homes and other facilities where the residents or users might have special needs.  This has meant looking again at the traditional illustrated talk.  I have changed how things are presented whilst still making it interesting for people with mobility problems or those who may not have all their senses working to their maximum.

I have given illustrated talks to both hearing and visually impaired groups and they have worked well.  That might seem a litle daunting but knowing your audience is important. Many people are partially sighted so intricate details don’t work well. And if you are talking to people with a hearing impairment no bushy beards that hide all the things lip readers need to see to enjoy a talk.

Usually the activity session continues long after I have left the site. It provokes memories and reminiscences of childhood right through to our adult lives.  We all remember music but just as important is the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world.

So what does it involve?

Generally I prefer to tailor the activity session to the audience. If you have access to safe areas in the grounds that provides a greater opportunity for residents to get out and explore the local environment that would be perfect but it is not essential.  It’s all meant to be inclusive and relaxing but can really get people talking.

In effect I will be bringing a nature table (remember that from school) to you and your group to stimulate your senses by:

Watching a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of the natural world

Listening to natural sounds such as bird song

Smelling some of the amazing garden and wild plants

Touching and feeling natural objects and textures

Not forgetting the opportunity to ask any questions on wildlife and the natural environment that people might have always wondered about but never had someone to ask.

If you have any special things you would like to explore then I will try and accomodate that too.

And not forgetting I have a recent DBS check.

What does it cost?

I charge £50 per session plus travelling costs.

A session lasts either a morning, afternoon or evening.  The choice on timing is yours. If you want something a little more tailored to your group then that is no problem.  Just ask and I will see what I can do. The session usually takes a couple of hours to prepare in the day before so with a bit of notice I will try my best to match your interests.