Community Consultation

What sort of community consultation project can be helped

Do you have a project that needs the input of the local community?  Your project could be the development of a new facility within a park, the creation of a new site or just wanting to get the local community more involved.  Consultation will help you enormously to gain an understanding of what your local community feels about any change.

Why consult the community

There are many advantages to involving the community in the planning and management of your site or facility.  Knowing what your local community wants will help you focus services in the right direction and be a responsive organisation.  Not least because generally grant awarding bodies will usually expect you to have already done some community consultation before applying for funding.

APW can help you with the following:

  • Focussing on your business objectives
  • Clarifying your research objectives
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Identifying research methods you may wish to use
  • Working with you to identify your timescales
  • Analysing what you should expect from the consultation
  • Guiding you on budget implications
  • Advising on who should do the work
  • Undertaking the consultation on your behalf


Anglian Parks and Wildlife, with a wealth of experience in community involvement, can help you to do this.  John’s experience ranges from setting up and subsequently working with ‘Friends of Parks‘ and ‘Britain in Bloom’ groups, specialist site management forums, and consultation on planning and development proposals.

Although Anglian Parks and Wildlife is not a market research business and would never pretend to be so it has a wealth of experience in community consultation.  This is very much “hands on” expertise.  You can expect John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife to be out there talking to the community and working alongside your staff and providing help and guidance at all stages.