Contract Management

Contract management experience

John has worked extensively in a range of sectors.  With experience of both letting and running grounds maintenance, arboriculture, cleaning, waste collection, sports facilities management and other contracts John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife is in an ideal position to help you with the practical side of contract management.  John is a great believer in the view that one size does not fit all.  Your local conditions, political environment, budget, consultation methods and past history all have a role to play.

At what stage

At any stage is the simple answer.  If you are already in the process or thinking of letting a contract for grounds maintenance or other parks, countryside or wildlife related contract or already have one in place John at Anglian Parks and Wildife can help.  It is always better to get independent support at all stages of the contract letting.  It can help you change your methodologies and assumptions and maybe find better ways of bundling contracts together to create a more holistic service.

The following services can be provided:

  • Scoping of the contract
  • Surveying your assets
  • Writing the tender documentation
  • Letting the contract
  • Post tender negotiation
  • Day to day contract management
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Existing documentation assessment

Have a contract management review

Anglian Parks and Wildlife would highly recommend an independent review of your documentation and methods.  A review by an independent “critical friend” can both challenge your approach and provide some indication of potential problems and ways to overcome them.  It really does pay in the long term.  You don’t have to work in isolation.