Countryside Management Plans

What are countryside management plans?

Although similar to a parks management plan the development of countryside management plans is more likely to place greater emphasis on the landscape, wildlife and opportunities for the quiet enjoyment of the countryside.

Benefits of having countryside management plans

Almost all countryside related award schemes or grant aid is linked in some way to the production of a countryside management plan for a site, e.g.: Green Flag and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

How APW can help

From the initial meeting to identify your needs to the finished document John at APW will work in collaboration with you to identify the most appropriate format to be used for your management plan.  There are a number of options available which are usually led by the target audience.  John can also wholly dedicate himself to the production of the plan in a way that cannot easily be done “in-house”.

Range of options

If you wish, APW can just pull together all the information you already have and assemble it into a management plan format ready for your use.  Alternatively John can start from scratch, carry out desktop research, survey work, public consultation through to the finished document you can then proactively use.