Countryside Ranger Services

A countryside ranger service can raise your local profile

A countryside ranger service can be the jewel in the crown for a parks and countryside service.  There is so much interest in countryside and wildlife from all quarters at the moment.  A well organised, responsive and public facing service can really do wonders for your profile.

Your service can be a tremendous interface with your users.  The value of that should not be under estimated.  What better way to identify what your visitors might want than by talking to them directly.  So if your thinking of doing a public consultation on a countryside matter use your local experts and their contacts.

John’s experience

As an exsperienced parks manager John has set up, run, reviewed and managed countryside ranger services covering country parks, commons, sites of special scientific interest and large open spaces.

He is fully aware of the benefits they can bring.  Not forgetting though the hands on practical side of making your service efficient and effective.


Using his experience John will work with you and give you an independent assessment of the current state of your countryside ranger service and help you to improve.

This could involve:

  • Reviewing your current ranger service
  • Scoping current and future roles
  • Assessing current working arrangements
  • Identifying an educational role
  • Quantifying a maintenance support function
  • Developing community engagement
  • Running training events

A multidisciplinary service

A countryside ranger service isn’t just about wildlife and nice landscapes.  It is a lot more.  Anglian Parks and Wildlife can help you fully develop the potential of your service.