Career in countryside

John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife began his career in mainstream countryside management as a habitat surveyor.  As an urban wildlife project manager he set up and ran a project working with the local community on wildlife within the town.  As a countryside officer he was responsible for an urban fringe country park, common and large open spaces.  This totalled about 1000 acres in all.  Although, as his career progressed, he became increasingly involved in traditional parks mangement he still found countryside remained a significant part of his role.


Working his way up from habitat surveyor to countryside officer through a varied route he gained experience in directly managing and being responsible for a wide range of landscapes and differing habitats.  He was invo;lved in the direct and hands on management of land as well as the planning and policy aspects.

The countryside officer role

It is not just about landscape and wildlife.  In fact, for the most part, it is only a tiny part of the role.  Mostly he would be dealing with land managaement, events and the use of the countryside whether for commercial gain like a golf centre, for pleasure like a walker or horserider, or inappropriate use like a joyrider.