Funding Advice

Looking for grant aid?

Are you looking for grant aid or other forms of external funding for a parks, countryside or wildlife project?  There is a range of grants and schemes able to provide funding for things ranging from small community projects to large scale landscape management.  Many organisations are also able to provide funding in kind.

This is how APW can help

APW can help you in many ways and some examples are given below:

  • Clarifying the scope of your project
  • Assessing whether external funding is a realistic option
  • Identifying potential funding organisations
  • Exploring payment in kind options
  • Collating information for your application
  • Completing your application
  • Liaising with the funding organisation

Help to clarify funding options

If you have a project that needs financial support and looking for some advice on the best ways to approach funding bodies or just filling in the forms then APW can help with that too.  Obtaining external funding is never easy and all grant schemes have different criteria and require different levels of commitment from you or your organisation.  APW can help in all that.

APW does not work on a commission basis

Please remember that John at APW is not a professional fundraiser and will not be looking to receive a percentage of the money you may be awarded.