Habitat Survey

Why carry out a habitat survey

A habitat survey will help you to assess the wildlife value of your site.  You may want it done for a number of reasons. It may be for a planning application, a grant award, to help in the management of your site or just for your own interest.

Both phase 1 and 2 surveys are offered with the results being provided in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.  They can be linked to a GIS or digital mapping system.

Size of surveys

Surveys can be carried out on small or large sites and even on an area basis, ranging from a county, district, or estate, to a park, farm or picnic area and almost anything in between.


John is an experienced habitat surveyor who started doing this work in the early 1980’s when habitat surveys and site assessments were very new.  He was actively involved in some the earliest surveys of this kind done in the country.  John is familiar with most of the habitats found in the U.K.  Though focussing on entomology he is a competent botanist and able to survey most groups of animals and plants if additional details are required.

What can be surveyed

All terrestrial habitats can be surveyed and in addition recommendations can be made on the future management of the habitats found in the survey.  The choice of the level of detail in the habitat survey is yours.  Target notes can be used to highlight areas of particular interest.