Landscape Design

So what can  Anglian Parks and Wildlife do to enhance your landscape design

Landscape design is not a specialism of APW.  Local landscape designers can be suggested if you need a design that makes the most of your site.

However, what APW can help with is the assessment of the future maintenance of any design you may have.  This can be either at the pre-design phase or at any point beyond it.  This wouldn’t just be about the cost of the grounds maintenance but would include hidden costs such as poorly sited chairs or litter bins, surfaces not appropriate and potential confilcts with users and neighbours

To help your landscape design APW could do any or all of the following:

  • Surveying the use of the site, including visitor welcome audits
  • Assessing if the design fits in with the pattern of use of the site
  • Identifying the various cost elements of its future maintenance
  • Quantifying the short and long term maintenance costs
  • Suggesting changes that will make the design more cost effective to maintain
  • Developing a future maintenance plan and if necessary tendering the results

So what APW can do is to add a touch of reality to a design and see if it really will work and achieve what you want.