Over the years, as part of my work, I have been involved with many sections of the media. I’m a great believer in the role of the media in informing and helping the local community to become more empowered.

During my time, in parks and countryside roles particularly, I mainly worked with local newspapers and to a lesser extent local radio, both the BBC and community based radio. Over time, as the nature of the local government relationship with the media changed, I found myself doing less of this work directly. I was more likely to be writing briefing notes. Though I was still involved in promotional activities. This did allow me to gain some experience which I have valued and subsequently put into practice.

Following my move back to Suffolk I have worked on BBC local radio as “a wildlife expert” on various shows. It came about through a chance contact with one of the presenters.

I have found all these past activities both challenging and enjoyable. As a result of this I have recently started to look at doing it again in some way or another. I quite like the challenge and freedom of podcasting and I am starting to look at that. It is far more challenging than using an established network but I think worthwhile if it is successful. You can find more information about my progress to date on the podcast page.

The links below take you to my pages with more details of my past radio activities and the podcast I am developing:

Radio shows


I will be posting more details of the podcast on to the podcast page soon. So far it goes into detail of the set up and progress made so far. I would be more than interested to hear of topics that you might find interesting. If you get to hear anything of mine I hope you enjoy it.