Museum Curation

So what can John help you with your museum?

If you work in a museum or run one and you need someone to help with a natural history or other collection that is in need of organising, cataloguing, or just a bit of tlc, then John at APW can help.

You may need to gather together specimens for an exhibition, produce written material for a supporting leaflet or oganise some family activities during the holidays then John can provide the short term solution that you need.  Don’t forget events either.  John is experieneced at organaising and running a wide ranging series of events aimed at knowledgable amateurs and family groups.

Museum experience

John begabn his career working in a local authority museums service covering aspects as wide as art, social history, archaeology and natural history as well as an extensive education service.  With experience of both working in museums and collaborating with museum staff, John can provide either professional advice or a practical, hands-on service.

John’s museum experience is backed up by a broad knowledge of natural history with the added bonus of comprehensive and detailed knowledge of a large number of insect and other animal groups.

The benefit of using John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife is that you can use as little or as much of the service as you require as and when you want it.