Other Services

What are these other services?

John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife is an experienced manage and has worked inj a number of different roles and sectors.  He offers a range of other services which make use of his skills but are not directly related to parks, countryside and wildlife.

Currently these other services are

  • Visitor welcome audits
  • Museum curation
  • Administrative support

How John works with you

John can work with your in-house team or other external consultants at any stage of a project.  There is no minimum size to a project as far as John is concerned.  He has been used to working in pressured environments and if it is a safe pair of hands you need then he is able to help.

This work can either be done directly through Anglian Parks and Wildlife or through an agency.  Whatever way you choose it is a cost effective means of overcoming a short term peak of work.

A recent example

A recent example has involved providing administrative and IT support to an NHS Trust.  They just wanted someone to come in and fix their short term workflow problems and get them back on track.  Other examples have included front of house staffing for venues and event management and support.