Parks Ranger Services

What you can do to improve your parks ranger service

There are a number of ways you can put a presence in parks to allow your users and visitors to feel happier and reduce the incidence of antisocial behaviour, both real and perceived.  If you want to work with the local community then it will provide the ideal link between your service and users.  Nothing stands still and reviewing your parks ranger service will give you a clearer focus.


John at APW has both reviewed and managed countryside and urban ranger services for sites as varied as urban recreation grounds to country parks to site of special scientific interest.  He will work with you and give you an independent assessment of your service and help you to progress improvements.

How Anglian Parks and Wildlife can help

This could involve:

  • Reviewing your current parks ranger service
  • Scoping current and future roles/job descriptions
  • Assessing current working arrangements
  • Identifying an educational role
  • Quantifying a maintenance support function
  • Developing community engagement
  • Increasing the security/patrolling elements
  • Facilitating training events

Why your ranger/patrol service is important

A parks ranger service is vital in getting a high profile presence in parks.  Your front line staff are your representatives.  It also allows you to have eyes and ears on the ground to identify issues before they become problems.  Just as important is that presence will help you deter antisocial behaviour and increase the perceived safety of your park.