Career parks professional

Starting his career in parks and land management in the mid-1980s John has had a long career in parks management.  He is well placed and sufficiently experienced to offer a consultancy service for you and your sites and the many and varied day to day issues that come from running a parks service.

What type of parks

From traditional parks awash with attractive bedding and a real attraction to local residnets and vistors to sports centred recreation grounds with fine turf or sports fields and finally to, maybe forgotten, amenity areas that help to soften the built environment and bring a bit of nature and well-being into towns.

Services offered include:

  • Community consultation
  • Contract management for writing, letting and monitoring
  • Interim management where you need a bit of extra help at low cost
  • Landscape design costing and assessment
  • Landscape maintenance advice
  • Management planning for policy and strategy
  • Reviews of ranger/patrol or other customer focussed services
  • Whole service reviews

Work with you how you want

John can provide help and support as a traditional counsultant.  Alternatively he can work alongside your existing ‘in house’ team or contractors.  This can be done at any stage so that ultimately you can provide the service local residents and visitors want to see.