Why work with people

Working with people and communities is an integral part of the work that Anglian Parks and Wildlife is involved with.  John is a passionate believer that we maintain parks and countryside for the benefit of society not just for the joy of maintaining them.  People are critical to that process and we need to engage with them in all the many ways a local community interacts with an open space.

Range of people oriented services

The work that John does at Anglian Parks and Wildlife encompasses an amazing range of activities, but nearly all centred on people in some way.  This ranges from guided tours and walks to running or participating at events. Recently John has been running some adult education courses on insects.  One arae of work that ohn ha enjoyed has ben working with publishers to produce some wildlife guides for children and families.  Very satisfying to see these in print.

Who can benefit

So if you or a group you belong to want to know more that is available please get in touch with John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife or have a look at some of the areas on this website to give you an idea of how he can help.