Rights of Way and Paths

Types of routes and paths

You may be looking to review your rights of way network or a recreational path but can’t do it within existing staffing resources.  You may have designed a recreational path linked to a leaflet or interpretive boards a number of years ago but wondered whether the routes are still accessible, the signs are still present and in good condition or the route just needs some updating or a leaflet needs revising.  John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife can do the leg work for you, so to speak.


Over the years John has been involved in most aspects of the management of the rights of way network as well as a large number of recreational routes and paths, varying from local scenic and recreational routes to long distance footpaths.

How Anglian Parks and Wildlife can help

Walking and checking paths is difficult and time consuming work.  John can walk those paths and check the state of the path surface and the condition of furniture, such as signs and interpretive boards.  He will then recommend improvements that will resolve problems in both the short and long term.

Any survey work can be linked to a GIS or a digital mapping system to help you manage them better in the future.  As an ex-GIS manager John is very familiar with what may be required to help you get your recreational paths and rights of way surveyed and in good condition.