Review of Parks Services

Why review

We are all subject to reviews on a regular basis.  Parks are no exception.  Whether the driver for this is the need to save money or to be more responsive to visitors then a review of your service could have many potential benefits.  If nothing else it allows you to have an independent look at your current services and see if they are relevant to the challanges you face.

What could a review look at

A review would look at all aspects of the management of your service.  Nothing would be taken for granted.  This is a real opportunity to look at all you do and see whether it still remains fit for purpose in 2015 and beyond.


John at APW has directly managed or been involved in most aspects of parks management.  He is a safe pair of hands you can rely on to get on with the job in hand with no distractions.  He will certainly add value to your service.

Some of the aspects of a service review you might find helpful

  • Highlighting your strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysing your financial and staffing resources
  • Researching your user and public satisfaction levels
  • Liaising with key stakeholders
  • Training your staff

John can work at all levels within an organisation, whether it be at a political or operational level.