Local government

Local government is complicated but never fear

Do you or your organisation find it difficult to understand how local government and you really need to know?  John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife has been working both for and with local government since the 1980’s and has seen many changes.  As such, he is well placed to advise you on how the system works and how you can easily use it.

Why do you need to know

All too often community groups or local residents find themselves caught up in the planning process or the bureaucracy of local government.  Perhaps, trying to stop some form of development or maybe to actually make something happen like the creation of a play area or to get a piece of land designated as a nature reserve or just looked after.

How Anglian Parks and Wildlife can help you

John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife can help you make some sense out of all of it.  From understanding the various parts of the town and country planning system to gaining an insight into how the local democratic process works and how you might best influence it.  Advice at an early stage can help community groups and others focus their scarce resources in the most efficient way.