Wildlife facts

This “wildlife facts” page is being changed

This “wildlife facts” page is being redesigned and is currently under construction.  Please bear with John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife while this is organised.

What are these facts pages?

Over many years, through talking to people on radio shows, at events and consultations and writing various articles John has found a range of questions seem to be regularly asked.  Not forgetting though that there are some rarely asked and fascinating questions that challenge John too.  Originally these questions and answers were arranged in the form of a table but it seemed more sensible to follow a more responsive format.

Why are they changing?

With the redsign of the website it seemed to make sense to review the format.  The page will now be produced as a series of short blogs or articles.  This is being done by amalgamating similar questions and answers together.  They should form a great little introduction to a subject as well as being a good read.  He is trying to develop it with a friendly style but still occasionally being a bit technical and scientific (comes with the background and training!) but nothing too heavy.  It is not meant to be a fully comprehensive guide to a topic.

Your suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife would be keen to know them.  Click on here for contacts details.