Woodland Management

Do you need help with woodland management?

If you are responsible for an area of woodland and not quite sure what would be the best way of managing it then APW can help. There are a number of distinct types of woodland you are likely to find in the U.K.  These are:

Ancient woodland – Woodland that has had continuous tree cover since the middle ages
Secondary woodland – Developed from scrub
Recent amenity planting – Planted for visual amenity in urban areas
Commercial forestry – Primarily coniferous

Woods are far more varied than the name woodland suggests and there are more variations on these basic themes. The only way to find out is to have John at APW have a look at it.

Anglian Parks and Wildlife could help you by

Researching the historical background to the wood.
Surveying the woodland to identify tree species, mix and coverage
Surveying the ground flora and any linked or associated habitats
Assessing the level of usage and potential recreational use
Producing a report of management recommendations
Producing a management plan
Working with a tree contractor
Producing interpretive material

Here’s what to do

There is far more to woodland management than just the above but it will give you a flavour of what can be done.  Just contact John at Anglian Parks and Wildlife see how he can help.