Welcome to the Anglian Parks and Wildlife website

Anglian Parks and Wildlife is run by John Biglin.  His working experience is very wide and in many different work areas ranging from local government to the charitable and private sectors.  Though mostly focussed on land and visitor management he is comfortable with technology and the visitor experience.  From this home page you can explore how Anglian Parks and Wildlife might be able to help you achieve your goals.


John has had a long career and felt that maybe now it was time to share some of his experience and knowledge.  He is a real enthusiast for parks and countryside and although he specialises in managing land for wildlife he has run everything from sports ground to country parks.

Do you need external help?

If you have a project that you think you might need some external help then please feel free to contact John.  He is only too willing to chat over your project and see if there are any way that Anglian Parks and Widllife might be able to help.  Even if John cannot help he will certainly point you in the right direction.

Initial discussions are free

All initial discussions are absolutely free.  It is more important to John that you are happy that your project is on track and has been given a bit of a reality check.  Think of him as a critical friend that can point out some of the things you should be looking at or maybe a flaw in your current direction.

It is always good to get some impartial advice

Just ask is all John can say.  Time is precious but your project could really benefit from an extra head to look at it and give you some impartial advice.

Website redevelopment

Currently the website is being updated following a change in the software used to create it.  Please bear with John while he does this and if you find any mistakes just send him a message and he will correct them.  Feel free to browse from this home page and if you have any questions just ask.

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