Welcome to the home page of Anglian Parks and Wildlife.

It’s run by myself, John Biglin. You can find out more about my background and work experience by going to about John Biglin or about Anglian Parks and Wildlife by going to about APW.

My working experience is extremely broadly based in local government, the charitable and private sector.  Though firmly centred on land management, people and wildlife ecology there is more than a sprinkling of heritage.  I’m a real enthusiast for parks and wildlife and I hope that infectious enthusiasm will come across as you browse the site.

Things have changed since I first established APW and created this website back in 2011.  Following a review of my business direction during the covid pandemic I am now focussing much more on wildlife, people and photography.  I have reduced the number of services I would like to offer on a regular basis and I’m providing more of those that are already successful. The demand for the more professional side of my work has declined as funding for this type of work has declined. I have kept the pages of my more just in case there may be renewed interest. They can be found in the professional services section of this website. It will give you an idea of my professional background and knowledge and I hope makes it clear that this is not a hobby for me but has been my long term career.

As a result of these changes I am significantly updating the website.  Please bear with me while I do this.  The website should be usable at all times as I continue to create content and tweak things. If you have any questions just ask.  It’s best to email me at: john@anglianparksandwildlife.co.uk