How to contact Anglian Parks and Wildlife

There is a wide range of different ways you can now contact me at Anglian Parks and Wildlife.  The easiest way is to send an email or fill in the contact form below which is probably more convenient for you.  I check my email regularly and it will only be a problem when I am out in the field in one of the many areas in East Anglia where a phone signal is not available or when I am in a meeting or running an event.

Alternatively do have a look at the Twitter feed.  I try to post topical things on a regular basis.  I retweet interesting things from others and some tweets of my own.  They are almost all parks, countryside or wildlife related in some way.  You can find the Twitter feed at the bottom of the front page here

Sorry, there is no Facebook page at the moment.  I am sure that when I get the chance a Facebook page will be created!  There are plenty of opportunities to interact with me on Twitter so do say hello and if you want follow my twitter feed.  I will always follow you back if you have anything to do with parks, countryside or wildlife.

I can call you at a convenient time to yourself, if that is what you want.


Twitter: @AnglianPandW

If you find it easier please use the contact form below:

It is sent automatically as an email to me and you will get an acknowledgement so you know that it has been sent.

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