About APW

More about Anglian Parks and Wildlife

This page tells you a little more about Anglian Parks and Wildlife,  This includes who runs it,  how long it has been running for, why it was created in the first place, it’s strengths and expertise and what it can do for you.

Why was Anglian Parks and Wildlife created

In 2010 John Biglin moved back to Ipswich in Suffolk where he had worked in the mid 1980s setting up and running an urban nature conservation project.  In late 2011 John decided to set up his own parks, countryside and wildlife management consultancy using and sharing the experience he gained after many years of working in the parks and countryside sector at all levels.

Range of experience

In addition to working within parks and leisure services he also has a wide range of sector experience which includes local government, private, charitable, financial services and retail.

Range of services

The consultancy provides advice and support on all matters relating to the development, management and maintenance of open spaces, whether it is an urban park or a piece of rural woodland.  John at APW specialises in the management of land for wildlife.

Organisation of the website

For the convenience of visitors the website has been divided into a number of main sections, which are:

  • Parks – Management and maintenance of traditional parks
  • Countryside – Management and maintenance of rural landscape, especially urban fringe
  • Wildlife – A range of services focussed on surveying, creating and managing wildlife sites
  • People – Interpreting, training and people centred aspects of open space management
  • Other Services – Services that do not fit into other sections such as visitor welcome audits
  • Information – Resources to help you find what you are looking for, mostly website links.

What next?

Do have a look at the rest of the website and that will be explained in more detail.  If you need any help and support from John or want to know more about Anglian Parks and Wildlife just contact him for a free informal chat about your project.