Radio Shows

Regular radio shows

BBC Radio Suffolk logoJohn was a regular guest on the Lesley Dolphin afternoon show on BBC Radio Suffolk until early 2014.  The shows mainly focussed on one specific topic but also allowed time to chat about topical issues and answer questions from listeners.  Topics included; hedgehogs, adders, shrews, deer, hares and robins.  He continues to do small ad hoc pieces for BBC Radio Suffolk.  Recent ones have included the state of public parks and spanish slugs.

Past radio shows

Until the end of 2012 John also had a regular slot on an evening BBC Radio show presented by Sue Marchant which was broadcast to the whole of East Anglia.  This really challenged John.  He would talk about topical wildlife issues and answer questions on any aspect of wildlife.  The subjects and questions were amazingly varied.  They included questions such as “what is the point of wasps” to “how can I stop bats using my loft, oh and by the way I live in the USA”.

Are the radio shows scripted?

Contrary to what you might think the shows are not scripted and John had no knowledge of any questions until they are asked…………..scary!

Wildlife snippets from the past radio shows

During the radio shows  lot of questions were asked and answered.  These were chopped down into little snippets and put in the “all about ” sections and scattered throughout the website. They have been fun to write and John hopes that you liked them.  In the future these are going to be put together and posted  in a blog like format which hopefully will make each a good few minutes read.  This is quite experimental at the moment  but any comments gratefully received, especially ideas for new posts.  John is always happy to research and write about subjects or topical issues.  Please just send the ideas through the contact page.