About John Biglin

I’m John Biglin and I run Anglian Parks and Wildlife.  I am a zoologist by education, a parks manager by profession but a naturalist at heart.

Early years

I have had a passion for wildlife and the natural world since an early age.  It was sparked in my childhood by the animals I found on the open spaces near my home.  This included frogs, toads, newts, hedgehogs, grass snakes etc.  A degree in zoology from the University of Leeds followed.  Following that I spent a year living at the Spurn Point National Nature Reserve continuing my research interests and gaining field experience.


I specialise in managing land for wildlife.  However, as a senior local authority officer I was also involved in many work areas.  I had roles within environmental, IT and procurement policy.  I have also worked in the private, charitable, financial services, heritage, health and retail sectors.  Those posts complemented my local authority work.  I found myself using many of my transferable skills in those roles.

Because I am an experienced ecologist and land manager I have managed almost every kind of natural open space within lowland Britain.  As a result I have a thorough working knowledge of our native plants, animals and habitats.  My wider role as a parks and countryside manager added formal parks and recreation grounds to my portfolio of land management expertise.  I led a large team managing over 2000 acres of varied open space.  On the edge of London and into the urban fringe.  At a national policy level, I was part of the Urban Green Spaces Taskforce.  A government task force on urban green spaces in the early 2000s.

Past roles

In summary my career has covered being a:

  • Curator in a natural history museum
  • Habitat Surveyor for a wildlife trust
  • Manager of an urban nature conservation project
  • Parks and Countryside Manager for a local authority
  • Environmental Policy Officer for a local authority
  • Recreational Planning Consultant
  • Community Development Officer
  • Wildlife and Educational Ranger
  • Plus various short and contract roles in many sectors

Hobbies and interests

It is not all work for me.  I am a keen supporter of the arts.  A musician and semi-professional photographer.  I have volunteered on things as varied as being a Green Flag Award scheme judge and giving historic tours.

Feel free to browse from this home page and if you have any questions just ask.  You can send me, John Biglin, a message by using the convenient form on the contact page.