Illustrated Talks

Who are the talks aimed at?

If you have a group that would like a fun and interesting illustrated talk on an environmental topic just contact me.  I have many years of experience in giving presentations and illustrated talks. You can be assured of an interesting talk and a lively discussion afterwards.  As a keen and now semi-professional photographer I have a large library of pictures that can illustrate many of the aspects of English parks, countryside and wildlife.

What subjects are offered?

Talks can be offered on almost any subject. Here are some examples of the talks currently offered.

“Your Garden – It’s a jungle out there”

Where and when can they take place

At a time and place that is convenient for you.  You can bring as many people as you like that will fit into your venue.  You do need to provide a screen or a blank wall for projecting on to.

Do you have any suggestions for talks?

If you have any suggestions for a topic I am always happy to develop one for you.


There is a flat charge of £50 providing it is in the Norwich area.  If further away then there is an additional travel expense charge but this is kept to a minimum and you pay what it costs me to get to your venue.