My Photography


Managing land can be a very visual activity.  Over the years I have taken many tens of thousands of photographs.  They were taken for a variety of different reasons but the main ones are:

  • Recording activities and events
  • Illustrating presentations, talks and courses
  • Producing leaflets and other print
  • Providing photos for the press
  • Illustrating websites
  • Just for the challenge of getting a good image

As a general rule I focus (pun intended) on outdoor photography of landscape features and wildlife using predominantly natural light.

Stock photography

Recently I have developed a portfolio of images that are now available to purchase on a number of stock photography sites.  You can read a quick guide to stock photography here to give you more of an idea of what is involved.

In addition to stills work I am moving into video which is an exciting and interesting development for me.  A totally different skill set is needed.


I am more than happy to take on commissions for photography work linked to parks, countryside or wildlife.  Even if what you require is not the sort of photographic work I do I can help by pointing you in the direction of someone more able to help you.

As a photographer with a keen eye for detail and great enthusiasm to improve the standard of my work I will happily find the images you need for your project.  That could be a mix of stock photographs and images taken specifically for you.  The choice is yours.

So if I can help with your photographic needs in any way just contact me for a free informal chat.