Introduction to Hoverflies

With lots of interest in pollinators at the moment I have been running a course on hoverflies for a number of years.

The course will appeal to those who are interested in these important pollinators but never quite got around to having a detailed look at them. It is suitable for adult beginners.

There will be the following sessions:

An introduction to their structure (indoor)
Ecology and behaviour (indoor)
Catching your hoverflies and field craft (outdoor)
Identifying hoverflies (indoor)

We are totally dependent on what the weather does. If the weather is poor the order of activities will change and we will just get out into the field when we can. An extra outdoor session can be added in too.

By the end of the day everyone should have a good understanding of the diversity of these insects and a grounding in what makes them so important and such fascinating insects to study.

The course would usually run from 10am to 4pm but can easily start earlier and finish later. The cost is dependent mostly on the venue.

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing, stout footwear and bring a packed lunch, drinks and snacks. It’s advisable to wear insect repellent and maybe sun screen and a hat. You may also like to bring a notebook, pencil and a camera.