Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife gardening can show you what lives near to you

There are many ways that we can all get closer to nature.  When you think of nature areas you might just think of schools but there are many other opportunities for putting nature closer to where we live.  It could be you own garden.  Maybe a small area in the grounds of a community centre or other facility.  The scope is endless.

Wildlife gardening can really help you connect with nature.  Ever wondered what is living in your garden and how you can do your bit for wildlife.  Maybe you have thought about having a wildlife survey done or doing one yourself?  You could even do your own Garden Bioblitz.  I can show you what plants and animals you have living in your garden or even allotment and how you can very easily improve it for wildlife by adding new features that will enhance the site.  It will help you do even more for your local environment and the wildlife that it supports.

Do you need advice?

Advice can vary from how to get your compost heap to work and get those amazing red worms to do their stuff to what you can do to improve your garden for birds.

You may have been on one of my courses or attended one of my illustrated talks and you feel enthused to do even more.

You may have a community centre, a small local open space or just your garden then I can help with all of those.  I have designed and created a wide range of these small nature spaces.  They have been as varied as schools, local pond improvements, gardens and forgotten areas at the back of housing estates.

The most important thing is to get you and your visitors to enjoy the area and I can help with that too by providing a range of talks and activities on site.  I am always happy to help in a practical way no matter how small the job.